New year, same God…

13 01 2014

This will be brief. It is 2014 and I am overcome with hope. It all began with my New Years celebration with friends down at the beach. It was your pretty typical celebration. Shiny hats and noise makers abound, loud music, embarrassing dancing, and to my sad amusement, a number of drunk individuals. We were at Pier Park for the “beach ball drop” at midnight. All the way up to the last 5 minutes of 2013 I managed to simply enjoy myself and the company of friends. However, during that blasted last 5 minutes I stopped dancing a stared down the countdown clock and the tens of thousands of people surrounding me. I became quite contemplative, reflective, and yes even emotional. Such is life inside my mind.

As I stood there literally watching the year tick away, gazing across a sea of people, I became overwhelmed by the Spirit of God. I instantly became repentant for numerous failures(many of which I am sure I don’t even know) in the past year. I also began thanking the Lord for so much growth and numerous blessings in my life. The most important probably being him blessing Kristina and I beginning our relationship and the subsequent beauty it has brought into my life. I remember my one thought that was cycling through my head and occasionally escaped my mouth that last 5 minutes: “Lord, let 2014 be yours!” Now I believe it was his long before I decided it should be and let’s be honest every moment is his. I simply wanted to come into agreement with the Father in this truth in my life. In fact, I began to pray far beyond my life. I thought about the sea of people around me. So many surely saw New Year’s as merely a reason to have a good time. The full beauty of newness cannot be imagined outside of the reconciliation God is working with his creation(Col. 1:19-20). I began to pray for the masses around me for eyes and ears to be opened by the grace of God to his redeeming love. I prayed that these wandering souls would know what it is to be a new creation in Jesus(2 Cor. 5:17).

I rejoiced because I remembered that the Lord is still in the business of making things new. He is reconciling all of  creation to himself(2 Cor. 5:19). That means me. That means you. That means every tongue, tribe, people, and nation! Let us pray with this goal in clear view this year. Let’s work, pray, and trust the Lord to this truth in 2014. I am believing that by the grace of God I will move to a new level of glory this year. I am believing this for you as well. I am believing that he will call the lost and unreached multitude unto himself and that he is going to use us, the Church, to accomplish this. What a privilege to participate in God’s mission. Rejoice with me in these things, brothers and sisters. Pray with me. My hope abounds as we move into a new year. The glory of the Lord will shine and his kingdom will advance. Lord, let our year be yours. Happy New Year and God bless.




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